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The Lycian Way

Guided and Self-Guided Tours on the Lycian Way,

 Turkey's premier trekking route,

one of the world's top 10 hiking paths.

Presented to you by Amber Travel.



Created in 1999 by English/Turkish trekker extraordinaire Kate Clow, the Lycian Way stretches 540Km along the ancient and mysterious country known as

Lycia, the 'Land of Light'.


Being the oldest of the now many Culture Routes of Turkey, the Lycian Way is the easiest to access from abroad, has both budget and boutique accommodation options a day's walk apart, and is well marked, with paint and signposts.

Apart from the summer months, walking can be done at all times of year, April is bursting with endemic floral life, while October's warm sea and and stunning sunsets are tempting.

The tombs of the ancient Lycians, standing like sentinels, silently mark your progress along the paths walked by the Lycians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Turks.

Self-Guided Individual Lycian Way Tours.

Available any dates.

We arrange accommodation,

carry your bags, provide transport, route notes and GPS points.

Group Guided Tours on Lycian Way

Full package with transfers, accommodation, guiding, bag transfers and some dinners.

“Paul from Amber travel organized a 3 week trekking vacation for my friend and I. He organized for the transport of our luggage when we changed our minds at the last minute about carrying our backpacks everyday. He has a knack for paying attention to details, always picking the best place to stay at each spot in our specified price range. He cares abut the environment is knowledgeable about the history and culture of Turkey and extremely patient and considerate. He truly made our trip completely carefree and enjoyable with his personalized arrangements for us including places to eat, packed lunches etc, everything was taken care off for us, all we had to worry about everyday was enjoying our walk. It was a trip of a life-time. I would highly recommend Amber travel for any kind of trip to Turkey..” Petra K

Petra Koza Taylor

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